Revvi Cup – The Legends of the Lakes – Final Instructions

We are excited to be embarking on a trip to Cumbria for the Revvi Cup – The Legends of the Lakes which takes place on the 20th to 21st April at the Cumbria Moto Park, and it’s coming up fast so here are the Final Instructions.

All riders will race both days with a practice and 3 races on Saturday and 3 races and the Presentation on Sunday.



Cumbria Moto Park
Kelsick House

Here are a few final instructions to bear in mind ahead of the event…

– First up we want to say this is a fun event and the number one priority as a team is that everyone has a great time!
– Little dude’s cut the big dudes some slack if they are a little slow on track as we all get old sometime, and the same applies to looking after your parents, they are just as nervous as you.
– There is to be no riding outside of the Arena
– Please take your litter home
– Please drive responsibly in and out of the Venue and remember there will be lots of little ones around
– Parking is limited so please park where asked and with space in mind.
– Please feel free to ask our team any questions you have, we are here to help so you and your riders and families can have a great time.
– Please make sure you attend the riders briefing at 8.20am on Saturday
– Please make sure you have your number clearly displayed on your bike
– Please be kind and courteous to our staff, members of the public, other riders and their families. We are here to all have fun.
– Make sure your batteries are fully charged
– Long hair needs to be tied up and inside their helmet
– All bikes must have chain guards.
– All riders must wear gloves – Gloves will be on sale from our EXGB stand
– Parents must stand back from their riders at the start. If a parent pushes a rider off of the start the race will be red flagged and it will have to be restarted
– Parents who go trackside must be signed in. When signed in you you will recieve a wristband which must be placed on your riders handlebars. Parents who are signed in for trackside must wear a high viz vest. If you do not have one you can buy one from us for £5.
– Parents who are trackside must stay in a safe place and not run around the track. It is their duty to pick up any rider who falls off near them. If we have a situation where parents are running around the track in front of other riders the race will be red flagged
– Lastly and most importantly, have a blast

**Please note, these are family friendly events. If you are a win at all cost parent these events are not for you. Please mind your language and your behaviour around the little riders and their siblings.**

Battery charging

There are no battery charging facilities on site so it is your responsibility to ensure that your battery is full charged ahead of the day. 

Event Updates

We will update you throughout the few days via a private Telegram group. To join the group >>CLICK HERE<<


Dogs are allowed on site but they must be kept on a lead and cleaned up after.

Electric Ride Evening

We are running a Ride evening on the Friday before the Revvi Cup event (19th April) from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

This is a perfect opportunity for new riders to try out riding their Electric Balance Bike on a track or for a rider to get some practice ahead of the Revvi Cup race event the next day.

>>CLICK HERE to sign up for the Electric Ride Afternoon<<

The Schedule

Race times are approx (if we can we will try and run ahead of this schedule if we gain time in the early races)


4.30pm – 7.30pm – Electric Ride Evening –  (additional £30 fee)


7.30am – 8.30am – Signing on
8.20am – Riders & Parents Briefing
8.45am – Practice
9.30 am Aprox – Race 1
Race 2
Race 3

Times are aprox & are subject to change

We are running a tight schedule, so please make sure you are ready for each of your races in the pitbox well ahead of time.


8.45am – Day Rider Practice
9.00am Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Presentation (all riders will recieve their medals at the presentation)

The Format

The schedule is subject to change depending on the time available on the day.

⚡ All riders will race both days with a practice and 3 races on Saturday and 3 races and the Presentation on Sunday.

⚡ Races will have up to 8 riders in. The Points are 1st 9pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 7pts, 4th 6pts, 5th 5pts 6th 4pts 7th 3pts 8th 2pts 9th 1pt

⚡ The Results for classes with one group of riders will be taken from the total points over the six races with the final race being the tie breaker. The top six point scorers will get awards.

⚡The Results for classes with more than one group of riders will have a final on each day. Two point scoring heats will decide the riders for the finals. The overall weekend result will be based on the points scored on the finals from both days with the Sunday final being the tie breaker. The top six overall scorers over the two days will recieve awards.

⚡In some instances we may combine different classes. Riders will still be scored and awarded separately.

⚡All riders receive a programme, a goody bag and a medal. The Medals be awarded at the presentation.

⚡Awards go to the top six in each class.

⚡Times are aprox & are subject to change

Numbers **IMPORTANT**

To save you the cost of buying a Transponder we manually lapscore at our Revvi Cup events. This mean’s it is very important that your rider has the correct number on their bike. We have quite a few duplicate numbers so please check out the Entry lists to see your what your number is. It may be that a 1 has been put in front or behind your riders number.

Rider Entry Lists can be found here >>

What to wear

Balance Bike Riders – What riders need to wear: Long trousers, race pants or jeans – Long sleeved tops – Closed shoes, preferably ankle boots but trainers as a minimum – Full face helmets preferably but Cycle helmets, properly fastened are acceptable –

**VERY IMPORTANT** All Riders also need to wear gloves – We will have gloves on sale at the EXGB gazebo


There will be catering on-site offering up Hot and cold drinks, breakfast baps, Chip, burgers and more…


Jimmy McDonald Photography will be taking pictures and video footage which will be available to purchase through his facebook page >>


71 Bikes have their stand selling Revvi and Electric Balance Bike spares and parts.

Our EXGB stand will be fully loaded with Gloves, Pads, Goggles and other rider items on sale.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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